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Matt Gonzo Roehr

BLUESROCK mixed with different influences, musicians from two continents, a spicy musical experience!

A little bit of history:


  • Matt recorded his first album „Barra Da Tijuca“ in 2007 with various top musicians from Brazil, Germany and the US, in Rio de Janeiro, Miami and New York. The album was mastered at Sterlingsound, New York, by George Marino.
  • 2008

  • On the highly praised German tour in January 2008 the live album „UHAD2BTHERE!“- Live Bootleg Vol. 1 was recorded. Matt produced the album in Orlando with Jay Stanley, guitar player and producer of Matchbox 20.
  • 2009

  • In April 2009 MGR and his band recorded their third album „OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION“ at Chaton Studios in Phoenix/Arizona with engineer Otto d´Agnolo. The album was released in 2010 as "ear book" by EDEL in Germany.
  • 2010

  • The single "FUEL INTO THE FIRE" was released and became a huge radio hit in the US. Check out the video page to watch the video, which was produced in Phoenix/AZ by BLADE. The video was voted by the Independent Music Network "Best Video" in 2010. Matt was voted "Best new artist". The song spends many weeks on #1 at the IMN.
  • 2011

  • In 2011 Matt recorded the album "BLITZ & DONNER" (THUNDER & LIGHTNING). The album contains 12 songs with german lyrics and made a big impact in Germany. It was Matt´s first album in german language after the split of the "BOEHSE ONKELZ" and the album went to # 14 in the german album charts.
  • Out of the album came the single "ROCK YOUR LIBERTY", which was produced for the US radio market. The song was more then two years in the Independent Music Network Mainstream Charts (many weeks on #1) and was voted "Favorite Single" by the Independent Music Network in 2011.
  • 2013

  • The latest album "ZUFLUCHT VOR DEM STURM" (SHELTER BEFORE THE STORM) was released in early 2013 and contains 14 songs, again with german lyrics. The albums charted in Germany (#24)
  • During all the years Matt had various radio single hits in the US. Many of them went to #1 at the Independent Music Network Mainstream Charts and got on heavy rotation on radio stations all over the world.
  • Songs like "FUEL INTO THE FIRE", "FOR WHAT IT´S WORTH" or "ROCK YOUR LIBERTY" are the precursors of the current hit single "DREAMER".

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